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Bioequivalence Studies

Bioequivalence Studies

Bioequivalence studies are studies that demonstrate the relationship of two or more pharmaceutical products that are equivalent and show identical bioavailability.

At CAIMED we have the required certifications and infrastructure to carry out Bioequivalence studies in vivo. These studies scientifically demonstrate that a generic drug has the same therapeutic efficacy as the reference drug that has already developed the clinical studies, so there is the possibility of interchangeability between them. In this way, new clinical trials, which are very complex and costly to conduct, are avoided.

CAIMED's infrastructure to carry out the Bioequivalence Studies

Fully equipped facilities for studies

Certified by the Institute of Public Health of Chile ISP

Located in a central location in the savannah of Bogotá

State-of-the-art medical equipment

24-hour closed-circuit television surveillance of volunteers

Humanized service and highly qualified health professionals