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Clinical Research

Clinical Studies at CAIMED

Clinical trials are clinical research involving human beings. At CAIMED we have constituted ourselves as a Clinical Investigation Center that develops clinical trials in an effective way, according to the protocol, including at least the assigned subjects, in the established times and with zero errors; in diverse therapeutic areas and in a responsible way with the investigation subjects.

What kind of Clinical Trials do we carry out at CAIMED Clinical Research Center? We develop clinical studies in different therapeutic areas:

Studies with Vaccines:

We are experts in carrying out clinical studies with vaccines. We have made significant contributions to the development of vaccines against AH1N1, influenza, HPV, Clostridium Difficile, meningococcus, varicella zoster and dengue. Over the course of our Clinical Research Centers’ history, we have included more than 15,000 participants in the clinical trials with vaccines that have been conducted.

Drug trials:

We have developed clinical studies with drugs in multiple therapeutic areas such as: diabetes, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart failure, coronary disease, hemophilia and Chagas disease. We have the experience, infrastructure and knowledge of our professionals for the development of clinical studies with drugs.

Cosmetic Studies:

We have a team of qualified professionals and the latest technology to carry out cosmetic studies that we perform, meeting the highest standards of quality, patient safety and the outcome of the studies.


In CAIMED Center of Clinical Investigation we also carry out clinical studies that demonstrate the security and effectiveness for the use in humans of:

Studies with natural products
Studies with medical devices
Food studies
Biological studies

Benefits of the clinical studies developed at CAIMED

We have a biobank service for the filing, care and supply of human biological samples for clinical research, we code and classify the samples according to their origin, we manage, take care of all legal aspects and process the samples according to the established research protocols.

We manage all the regulatory issues of your clinical study, related to your research protocol, from the process of translation and submission of the documents to the research ethics committees, to the notification of the pharmacological follow-up, including the submission of the research protocols to the regulatory body.

We are experts in recruitment for clinical research, we generate strategies that allow us to reach the expected number of subjects; we have databases of subjects for clinical studies with the necessary conditions; we conduct surveys of the population and carry out continuous monitoring to complete the clinical study successfully.

We have a technical team of professionals who will extract the knowledge you need and answer your research questions. We use big data tools, data mining and business intelligence, for the treatment, data extraction and information analysis to carry out your clinical study.

We elaborate all the scientific documents required for the development of the clinical study. The integral service of ‘medical writing’ includes it from the development of the concept, to the communication of the results of your clinical research.

We manage the Pharmacovigilance service for clinical research where all activities related to safety and surveillance are managed to contribute to the detection, identification, quantification, evaluation and prevention of possible risks derived from the use of medicines.

We have a Health Call Center specialized in the relationship of different entities of the health sector, patients, medical staff, insurers and researchers, for the development of clinical studies and monitoring of subjects.

We have our own medical informatics software, MetricsMed®. In which we manage all the information from the Research Centre and the Ethics Committee.