May 20: World Clinical Research Day

Today, May 20, the day of clinical research is celebrated worldwide. This is a very important date if we consider that, thanks to clinical research, which allows the research and development of new drugs and vaccines, the quality and life expectancy of the population has improved significantly in recent decades.

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That said, in the clinical studies carried out for the development of new therapeutic molecules, people and organizations participate in an orderly and responsible manner to ensure that the results obtained from the trials have the necessary validity to allow their use, minimizing the risks for the patients and the people who receive them. For this, a rigorous process is mandatory: from the design of the project, the selection of the research centers and the medical researchers that execute them, the processing and analysis of the information that generates the results of the trial.Additionally, a very important figure in the process is the research subject or patient who collaborates as part of the study to receive the drug or vaccine and undergo medical evaluations and diagnostic tests that allow obtaining the results to be analyzed. Without the voluntary and disinterested participation of patients, it would not be possible to advance in new solutions to improve health.We would also like to share our journey in this important sector of human development: we started activities in 2007, our first clinical study with drugs was started in 2009 and then in 2010 we developed the study of the dengue vaccine that generated the opening of new headquarters: Yopal, Acacias and Aguazul and during 2013 we expanded to international headquarters in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. We currently have 10 research centers, in which we have carried out studies in various therapeutic areas: drugs, vaccines, cosmetics and currently in bioequivalence. In addition, with our Ethics Committee we have supported different research centers and independent researchers.In total, we have been growing for 13 years and contributing with our work and commitment to this important sector that improves the lives of millions of people around the world, we join the effort to continue advancing in the field of science and contribute to knowledge for the benefit of the society.If you are interested in carrying out a clinical study or want to be a volunteer patient, click here.