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We are an organization dedicated to clinical research, information and knowledge management to generate health solutions.


CAIMED is the organization preferred by stakeholders to find solutions through clinical research, information and knowledge management in health.

CAIMED's Quality Policy

To satisfy the external client with the solutions offered, and the internal client with the opportunity for their personal and professional development; through the continuous improvement and operational excellence of the management, mission and support processes and the fulfillment of the legal requirements in force in order to maintain the loyalty and adhesion of the stakeholders.

Caimed políticas de calidad
Caimed 2007

Foundation of CAIMED,
our first clinical study with vaccines

The Center for Medical Care and Research CAIMED S.A.S is an organization dedicated to health research, founded in Bogotá, Colombia in November 2007. We started activities in Bogotá in June 2009 with clinical studies with medicines and in April 2010 we carried out the first study with vaccines. The invitation to participate in the dengue vaccine studies led to the opening of sites in Yopal and Aguazul (Casanare) and Acacias (Meta) in mid-2010.

Caimed 2011

INVIMA Certification

In 2011, we received the INVIMA certification in good clinical practices (GCP) for each of the sites, in accordance with the regulatory agency, endorsing not only the Clinical Research Centers but also the CAIMED Research Ethics Committee. The opportunities that were presented led us to develop an important experience in clinical studies with vaccines, without neglecting the studies with medicines in several therapeutic areas.

Caimed 2011

Development of our
MetricsMed Platform

In 2012 we started the development of MetricsMed, a tool for health research based on medical informatics that seeks to improve the quality and efficiency of health research activities. This tool is being used by some research centers in Colombia and by CAIMED in all of its locations. In this same year we created a new division for the design and development of local studies to respond to the needs of our clients.

Caimed 2013

Opening of our offices in other Latin American countries and the creation of our educational platform EpicDoc

In 2013 it was decided to expand to other Latin American countries, with the opening of branches in Panama, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. CAIMED currently has six offices in Colombia. In 2014 we developed EpiDoc, a tool for education, training and dissemination in clinical research.


Caimed 2016

of the program for patient
registration and Call Center

In 2016, we implemented a patient registration program as a strategy to create databases for clinical and epidemiological research. In the same year, we implemented CAIMED’s Call Center to contact the subjects participating in clinical studies. The Call Center currently offers its services to all stakeholders in the health area.

Caimed 2017

ISO 9001

In 2017, we obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification from SGSS, as part of our commitment to quality and in 2018 we received the re-certification in ISO 9001:2015. Since our beginnings, we have been characterized by being an innovative organization in the search for solutions, to continue being a safe and reliable alternative, committed to operational excellence.