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Medication Infusion Room

The Medication Infusion Room is a pleasant space designed by CAIMED thinking about the well-being of our patients, for the administration of medicines in a timely, safe and informed manner, complying with all quality standards, current national regulations, Good Clinical Practice standards and general guidelines for medication infusion therapies. 

Benefits of our Medication Infusion Room:

 The service is provided by health professionals who are highly qualified to give timely and appropriate care in any type of adverse reaction.

Our Medication Infusion Room has a referral system to the emergency room in case it is required.

We focus on timely and humanized attention to users and their families, where the presence of the professional is imperative, generating the necessary tranquility of a controlled stay, safe and warm.

In our medicine infusion room, we try to create an environment of trust that allows users to receive treatment in a simple and safe way, as well as to relate to other users, relax and feel like completely valid people and not just patients.

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