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Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy is one of the therapeutic alternatives to diagnose, prevent and treat symptoms of multiple ailments through massage.  In CAIMED we have a medical center located in Chia – Cundinamarca that has personalized physiotherapy service because we understand that each person is unique. We carry out a complete evaluation of the patient that allows us to consolidate a diagnosis and to establish some behaviors of treatment; whose objective is to improve their health and their functionality in general.

Our professionals in physiotherapy carry out a process of permanent accompaniment and motivation throughout the development of the therapy, guaranteeing the correct execution of the exercise plan to achieve the best results.

We understand that it is key to actively involve the patient in the process, so we design a home exercise plan and recommendations to take into account at home or at work to complement and improve the recovery process.

Physiotherapy Services at CAIMED Medical Center -Chia:

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